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Mont Justice - Urban Design

Evolutive Social Housing

- Mont Justice / Justitieberg -


One of the city's iconic buildings, built between 1866 and 1883 by Joseph Poelaert, the Palais de Justice/Justitiepaleis is in need of major renovation. How can we reactivate the decaying structure of the imposing Brussels Courthouse? We believe that the components for such a project have to be found in the genius loci, the spirit of the place.

name Mont Justice
program Urban Design
location Brussels, Belgium
year 2011

team a.Legrand / s. Guyuomarc’h / g. Sardin


The existing Courthouse is a landmark.  Our proposal aims to rethink its function while preserving the history and heritage of the Palais de Justice. After a careful Analysis of the Brussels urban dynamics present, its founding myths and history, we designed a framework that will revitalise the structure.

Justitieberg updates Brussels’ identity. It uses the city’s identity as an engine to change and reflect Brussels aspiration : to be more open, united and more democratic.

It becomes a laboratory for new urban and environmental practices.

the project has been exhibited at Bozar Museum in Brussels at Architecture for Justice
Brussels Courthouse, Imagine the Future!