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Shifted House - Architecture

Residential project for a familly of four in Kigali

- Shifted House -

Shifted House is a four bedroom private residence located in Kibagabaga, Kigali.



Houses in Kigali don't take advantage of the context, nor the climate, nor the topography. Most of the new constructions are blocky, very closed building with no garden.

Our client approached us to design his house. When visiting the site, we thought we should  play with the context in oder to offer a unique and refined space taking advantage of Kigali's context and vistas.

name New Rugo
program 4 bedroom private residence
location Kigali, Rwanda
size 160 sqm

Architecture should take advantage of the local culture and climate


The design spans across 160 sqm. The house is divided in two shifted volumes that maximize the views and offers transition spaces. With generous openings overlooking Kigali's beautiful cityscape. The plan allows easy circulation and blur the line between interior and exterior.