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New Rugo - Social Housing

Social Housing project for Rwanda's and Burudi's rural areas

- New Rugo -

Affordable housings in the region are most of the time just seen as a quantity issues. New Rugo answers both the quantitative problem but also the quantitative one.

The Rugo is the traditional Burundi & Rwandan  houses. New Rugo is a low-cost houssing project located in Burundi that drawn its inspiration from vernacular solutions.  We merged the values of pre-colonial (community, adaptability) and modern typology.

We believe that planning has to respond to current needs, but also to be relevant for a wealthier and more developed Africa. That’s why affordable housing for the poorest has to be able to evolve as comfort standards evolve

By merging the two typologies, the two structures, we designed a new one, the new rugo. The new rugo is evolutive, allowing changes as Burundi & Rwandan socities evolved. The New Rugo is a typlogy, easily replicable, environmentaly aware. With low cost technologies and cultural appropriateness, we developed a system empowering fragile comunities in Burundi and in Rwanda.


New Rugo uses half the size of a planned villages in Rwanda for a price per square metter 50 % cheaper than tradional construction methods.


New Rugo is more than just housing is a new way to create villages.


New Rugo was exhibited at Design Indaba Expo in March 2014 in Cape Town, part of "Africa is now : emmerging design voices from the continent. See more here.

name New Rugo
program Social Housing
location Rwanda, Burundi
year 2014

team G.Sardin, F.Gwiza, V.Iyakaremeye