Guillaume Sardin is a designer & illustrator
working with old stories and today’s world

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About Guillaume Sardin

Guillaume is an illustrator  & designer, trained as an architect . He shares his curious and passionate approach to design and stories between France and Rwanda. As Lecturer at the University in Rwanda, he shared his approach to design to a new generation of Rwandan designers .

His work uncover forgotten worlds and tales, things that lie in the corner, details of astounding beauties and love. For Guillaume, inspiration is a conversation.

Guillaume works with various techniques from gouache, textile and paper engineering.  Currently he’s collaborating with heritage brands to tell their stories.

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Guillaume collaborated with :

Kigali Architecture School

The Government of Rwanda
Emblem Paris

African Development Bank       
Oetker Collection


Guillaume has exhibited and talked at

Design Indaba
Cape Town, SA

African Leadership Forum
Kigali, Rwanda

Bozar Museum
Brussel, Belgium

Kyoto International Foundation
Kyoto, Japan